As the pandemic continues to evolve and present new challenges, leaders have the task of navigating the unknown. To combat this, many have turned to adaptive leadership. This article from Harvard Business Review delves into the key elements of adaptive leadership including anticipation, articulation, adaption and accountability as well as the five common principles that can guide leaders in their pandemic-related responses. The article explains that a crucial element of adaptive leadership is ensuring that evidence-based learning and adaptation is at the center of any response – this also requires the learning process to be open and diverse. Additionally, the article states that leaders should streamline the decision-making process so that if errors are identified, trust can still be maintained. Similarly, to strengthen transparency, the article recommends that leaders acknowledge that mistakes are likely to be made and should actively use failed experiences to identify shared learning opportunities. The article also discusses the need for stress-tests to analyze underlying theories and beliefs as well as the importance of mobilizing collective action across sectors and industries.

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